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My name is Dana Coxe, President and operator of Connected Media Marketing. My goal as a successful company is to leverage the power of social media so I can elevate your business in a dramatic way. I work with you to build the perfect customized strategy tailored specifically with your business goals in mind. So, what's my goal? To increase your exposure and Make You More Money! Sound Good? Keep Scrolling and check out the services CMM offers


Dana Coxe

Get to know me better!

Hi, I’m Dana Coxe, and I live in beautiful Sarasota, Fl., only ten minutes from one of the nicest beaches in the U.S; Siesta Key Beach. I enjoy Yoga, nature walks, dancing, and a great book. I’m happily married and have two amazing little girls that are 17 months apart. I love a good Frappuccino (or anything with the word “chino” in it) or cup of tea. Usually one or the other is always next to me when I’m working on my clients social media pages. I have a BA in Marketing and my journey into Social Media Management started eight years ago. People describe me as outgoing, creative, and someone that will always go above and beyond when it comes to my family, my clients and my business. I truly love what I do, and I hope I get the opportunity to speak with you! Take a Click in the right direction by clicking on the contact tab to contact me.

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“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media; the question is how well we Do it.” – Erik Qualman


Customized for every type of Business!


Brand Development

Branding Worth Loving!

CMM can help with Brand Creation, Rebranding, Redefining your core message, and Brand consulting. I can help you with name development and implementation. Or help you define who you are as a Company and provide strategies on how to build customer loyalty. To learn more please contact me for a free consultation and review of your online and social media marketing strategy.


Social Media Management

A buffet of options to maximize your goals.

CMM will generate leads by engaging your followers and clients with unique content that boosts brand awareness and enhances revenue. I do everything that you could need for optimal SM management. Every strategy is custom made but here is just a taste of what I can manage and accomplish for you: Posting for you daily, manage promotions and social media paid advertisements. Build up your target audience dramatically by specifically targeting individuals’ with your product interest in mind. I engage with your followers through personalized conversations and I make sure to answer every comment and message no matter the day, night, or time. I clean up any pictures you may submit to me, and can create original visual content for you in the form of pictures or videos (and if you’re local I offer the service of coming to your business and taking pictures of your products for you to create original and eye-catching content). I help with SEO ranking and I make sure more people are visiting your website. I can also help with the overall marketing ideas of your business that will correlate with your social media brand and strategy. I can help increase your online sales and become your social media customer service representative. I learn everything about your business and products so I can be the voice of your business on social media when you can’t. To learn more please contact me for a free consultation and review of your online and social media marketing strategy.

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Content Creation

Visual Marketing and Blogging

A strategic approach to producing content in line with your brands identity that will keep your audience coming back for more! This is done through personalized posts, blogs, and photos that generate leads to your website and make you more money! To learn more please contact me for a free consultation and review of your online and social media marketing strategy.


Go from “I Don’t Know” to “Pro”

Social Media Consulting, Coaching, and Training

CMM will take you from, “I don’t know” to “Pro”! Many companies lack the knowledge and strategy of how to maintain and maximize the everyday activities that come with Social Media Marketing. As every business and their goals are unique, CMM makes sure to offer services perfect for any size business and their goals. Consulting, Coaching, Training by the hour (for smaller businesses), and the training of your staff are the services CMM provides regularly. I can help with your strategies in Marketing, sales, customer service, reputation management and crisis management. As every business is unique, so are my services; no two sessions or consultations are the same. Every consult or session is customized specifically for that business to learn, then apply, then exceed even their own expectations. That is, and will always be the goal of Connected Media Marketing.

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"Dana has done a really great job at getting my new business and products out into the public view. I would highly recommend her to any business owners or groups trying to expand on social media. She does an A+++ job!"

Matthew H.

“Dana with Connected Media Marketing, definitely helped with an understanding of the wants and needs of our businesses and its customers. She went above and beyond to ensure that all customers had personalized conversations, and in just the first 3 months we saw our engagement on social media increase along with our monthly revenue profit. She also provided excellent Marketing techniques helping our search engine optimization improve dramatically! She did phenomenally in getting our products out to the public, especially to target audiences we did not think of. Thanks Dana!”

Samantha Martin

"Great business! Dana is a friendly person that is excellent at communication and proves her skills in so many ways, especially in visual marketing. She helped me reach my goals in no time at all! Would definitely recommend Connected Media Marketing to any business."

Katrina V.

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