Why you need to suck up to your customers.

The best way to have return customers is to treat them exactly the way you want to be treated when you are buying a product or service. Easy right? Then why doesn’t this always happen? Business owners lose sight of the important things that a customer appreciates. They figure, “Hey, I can’t make Everyone happy” but it really comes down to a couple simple rules..

🔹Respect- no matter how small or big a customers purchase is, a customer wants to feel like they are just as important as one of your big spenders.

🔹Personal one on one conversations online-no automated answers; this gives your customers a personalized feel. Statistics show that this approach produces more return customers just based on this strategy.

🔹Customers want to see interesting content on your website and social media pages that they can relate to. (That’s a give-in right?😉) Keep it interesting, don’t just throw ads in their faces! Lastly-

🔹Have Quality office, online, ⭐️and⭐️ social media customer service. A customer wants to talk to reps and online representatives that are excited about their job- they don’t want to feel like they are hassling them when asking a question…A lot of people think “Well this is all common sense right” but, think for a second about your own customer experiences; how many times have these simple rules been overlooked? These approaches should also be incorporated into a businesses social media strategy and together we can accomplish this! Sometimes the best decision a business can make (even when they think everything is perfect with their social media presentation) is to have a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective! Time for Fresh Results! I’m Dana Coxe, your social media marketer with Connected Media Marketing, and I’m here for You!