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Tips for creating Visual Content that will keep your audience coming back for more!

Tips on how to create eye catching #visualcontent Learn how to create it and then keep your audience coming back for more! ⬇️

✅Have a theme for your visuals! Help brand yourself by choosing and using the same fonts and colors. ✅Save your ideas! When out and about or at home and that lightbulb turns on, put any and all ideas, thoughts, screenshots, or voice recordings in a saved file to return to later. Inspiration can come from anywhere and at anytime! Use tools such as voice recorders, myideacache, Google Docs, or Dropbox for this. ✅Choose eye catching photos! If you aren't creating photos from scratch then you need to choose stock photos that'll make any person stop scrolling long enough to really look at your content and ❤️ it. So, to do this you need choose stock photos that don’t look like stock photos. The best way to get their attention is for your photo to tell a story or make it relatable. As the saying goes- a picture is worth a 1,000 words. ✅Watch what works for others in your industry. This does not mean to go out and copy their work. It simply means to have a list of profiles to follow in order to get ideas for what to share and what to create for your brand. Though, if you see a visual you like on Instagram there are tools such as #Repost that you can download so you can share some of your favorites from others while also accrediting them. ✅Create content that shows you understand the issues and news that matters to your audience. ✅Use templates like #Canva so you're able to keep producing quality visual content between your more personal/original pieces. ✅Don't disappear! Once you start building up more of an engaging audience don't disappear for weeks at a time or you can lose that engagement. Create a schedule of when to consistently post. #visualmarketing is only as hard as you make it. Keep notes and keep posting those striking visuals! You got this!

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