'How To' Define Your Target Audience

Since the dawn of Social Media, businesses have learned that they can target their customers and engage with them to get opinions, their business, and to experiment with what works and what doesn't for their brand. So, understanding 'who' your Target Audience is and how to engage with them is the top of any social media marketing strategy. It's important because I've seen business owners constantly scratch their heads and lose money by just targeting and tagging everyone; or by simply targeting the wrong audience. So, how do you find out who to target? There's actually tons of successful ways you can go about this but typically you want to start by writing yourself an outline which includes these key demographics: age, gender, location, income level, occupation, marital/family status, and ethnicity and education level.

Once you're finishing setting up your outline now you can get down to the nitty-gritty.

🖊First, outline how expensive your product or service is, and how it solves a problem for your customers. Do your customers need to fall into a certain income class to afford your service or products? Make note of this.

🖊Then you need to note how your business or service appeals to your audience. Is your product or service specifically for men, women, or both? Think about your typical customer and their age. Are they married? Do they have a family? When you figure out the age bracket(s) that your target audience falls into, then think about how these individuals talk on a daily basis. They way you may correspond with a 20 year old may be different than how you would with a 50 year old. If your product applies to more than one age group that's fine; you then need to think how the individuals in your age bracket(s) may have grown up, how they talk (i.e slang) and so on, so you can become relatable to them. Look at their likes and dislikes and then determine the kind of lifestyle they lead and how your product or service fits into their lifestyle.

🖊Next you need to ask yourself where your target customer is physically located? Are they local to you? Do you have a storefront? Do you have an online store and want to appeal to customers across the country? Or do you travel to your customers to provide a service? This section is important because if you advertise out of your own state, you need to set up a strategy specifically for how you are going to target and market to those audience members.

After you outline those key points, then comes time to pick what Social Media networks work best with your strategy; not every network needs to be used and not every network may be right for your strategy. Figure out what kind of content you will be posting more of- pictures, videos, blogs, links or articles. Of course you should post all of the above but each network is unique, as is the audience that socializes in it. Figure out what content you will be posting more of and run a check of what kind of content is popular on each network and the top age bracket that engages within it.

Once you've got your outline filled out and you've learned the answers to your outline questions, now you need to learn what makes your target audience tick, and the only way to do this is by taking the time to Engage with your audience. WHAT?! Yes, you read that right. For all this to work you still need to engage with your audience which in its self takes time; and when I say engage, that doesn't mean just using short, clipped automated answers. You need to actually talk to your customers. Ask them what they like and what they think of your posts, products, Anything! Just be real because your audience can tell if you're faking it or just trying to close them in a sale.

~All these questions are important and take a lot of thought and research and having a professional that is familiar with this process to help you can guarantee that you're answering these questions correctly and thoroughly. It's a valuable service when you think about all the customers you will be bringing in due to this information. Only then can you create quality content that will appeal to your audience instead of just adding clutter to their lives.

Added Note- You can find more people in your outlined target audience by following hashtags. I'll get more into "How" to do this in another blog but, here's an extra note on how to find quality followers and likeminded people with your business and product interests in mind. ⬇️

Reach out to 5 people today with common interests and that have a good following themselves.

🔹Find them by following #hashtags. Type in hashtags that: describe your business, what types of products you offer and what they are used for, and lastly words that describe what your brand stands for. A lot of words are tagged on social media daily so search through them and pick the ones that are relevant to your business or service, and that have a lot of posts. You'll see the post number next to the tag. You want the ones that have a high post amount because you know they are being checked and added to daily. Go through the tags and pick individuals that you think would like your page and everything it has to offer and then go into their feed and like 3-5 of their pictures. Make sure these pictures are current; within the last week to 2 weeks. Like the pictures back to back and leave a genuine comment on 2 of them saying a simple hello and what you liked about the picture or caption. For the very active individuals on Instagram, when they jump online to check their notifications they'll see your name those 4 or 5 times in a row. (This is the key. Just one time won't make you stand out.) Out of curiosity most individuals will click on your name and check out your feed. They may like your content give you a follow or add you as a friend. (All depending on what social media network you are in) So go out and say hello to 5 new high profile individuals. A hello could lead to a million things, which includes a new customer!

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